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* Optional, IRS authorized Payroll e-File Services

Free Basic Payroll

Manage your company payroll online 24/7 at your convenience. You will be able to

  • Prepare and print paychecks and/or paystubs.
  • Calculate 941, 940, etc and export paycheck details.
  • Calculate tax deposits, including employer’s liabilities.
  • View & edit paychecks and payroll summary.
  • Manage multiple companies in one account.
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The system enables users to set up overtime, commission, bonus or other earning items with total flexibility. Users can also add POP, 401K deduction or other local deductions as needed. The basic service is completely FREE.

Free Payroll Calculator

Flexible, simple payroll tax and deduction calculations.

  • Enter hours or salary for tax computations
  • Add overtime, bonus, commission or any earning items.
  • Add pretax (401k, e.g.), non-tax (POP) or after-tax deductions.
  • Add local tax items as needed.
  • Print paystubs or paychecks.
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Your information is not saved when you use the free calculator. If you want to save your checks, please register for the eSmartPaycheck service online. The basic payroll is completely FREE.

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Optional, IRS authorized payroll return e-File services

    C&S Technologies, Inc. (dba eSmartPaycheck) has been an IRS authorized payroll efile service provider since 2000. Your data is not sold, shared or used for any purpose other than preparing the checks, calculating taxes and preparing payroll returns. However, we may occasionally display some advertisements, even our competitors’, on some of our web pages to help maintain the service for FREE. In addition to the basic FREE service, we offer optional efile services for a small fee that enable users to file form 941, 940 and W-2s to the IRS and SSA electronically
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Latest News

  1. eSmartPaycheck basic payroll is now FREE for businesses and tax professionals, no catch, no obligations.
  2. eSmartPaycheck now offers optional, for fee, payroll efile services for filing payroll form 941, 940, W-2 and some State forms electronically.
Free Online Payroll
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Other Services

  1. eSmart Payroll provides IRS authorized payroll efile services. Prepare, print and file form 941, 940, 944, W-2, W-2C, 1099-misc, correction and convert California DE9C ICESA, MMREF to XML, etc.
  2. Simple Payroll is a full service, online payroll where we will make tax deposits and file payroll reports for you.
  3. W2manager is designed for organizations that need to prepare and file many W-2s. Users can prepare, print, add or edit W-2 and W-2C forms easily anytime throughout the year.
  4. 1099manager is designed for organizations that need to prepare and file many 1099-misc forms. Users can prepare, print, add or edit 1099-misc and correction forms easily anytime throughout the year.